Antiquity Coin & Company was born from my passion and proud practicing ethics of numismatics and bullion trading. It is also is driven by a very supportive business partner who I am proud to call my Uncle. He is the “back of the house” and everything I am not. He is a brilliant man who has done it all, from Wall Street to being an Elected State Official. He is the number cruncher, book keeper and part of my support team. The two of us make an incredible team.

From a young age I was fascinated with coins, paper money, bullion, sports cards, watches, diamonds, autographs, vintage toys, antiques and building a business to share this knowledge.

I opened my first store at the age of 12 with the help of my parents and grandparents but had been trading and selling long before that. My parents weren’t in this particular business, but came from very successful retail backgrounds. They were drawn and eager to help me when they saw my passion for making money the honest way!

I have run, operated and owned up to 3 stores at once and am proud to say I lived, barely. I have years of experience as a Senior Manager in a Fortune 500 company and understand how HARD it is to EARN someone’s business and even harder to KEEP IT!

Fast forward in time and in less than three years my life would change forever. Sadly, my father passed away and I had lost my best friend and “Right Hand Man” Then shortly after: Hurricane Irma. The hurricane devastated our area and life as we know it was changed forever. We were forced into closing one location and the other not returning to but the passion remained with me.

With encouragement from My Mom, Uncle, Family & Friends: I would continue! We started AC&C shortly before the Hurricane with the vision of buying and selling coins and paper money the only way we know how to with: Honesty, Integrity & Knowledge.

Our passion is unmatched and resources and connections with amazing dealers and collectors unrivaled. Our focus has been placed on the internet, quality honest photos, premium material and connecting with both new and veteran collectors and dealers alike!

If you have any questions, want lists, want to introduce yourself, or are selling a single coin, note, or liquidating a massive collection/estate, we want to help!

Simply put, I love what I do and love helping people as I do it. We look forward to this website site launching and proudly joining the CoinZip community!

Updates maybe slower then we want but we have a MASSIVE inventory just send us an email, give us a try! We may have a new name but we are not new to Numismatics! So far our mission has been successful as we continue to grow and truly can say “The Best Is Yet to Come!” We look forward to hearing, talking and meeting with many of you in this incredible hobby & business we call: Numismatics.

Garrett & George

Email: Info@AntiquityCoinCompany.com