“Garrett and ACC have changed my coin collecting thought pattern and the way I think of Numismatics. He’s treated me as a friend, giving me choices of many grades and price ranges, but will never sell me plastic! Something I have learned because of him. I’ve never felt pushed or hurried to buy any of his coins. They have some great buys, I’ve never seen anyone with as many quality coins, both raw and graded. I’m a customer for life & because of the education I have gotten along the process, I think a much smarter investor and collector. Thank You Garrett!”

Brian W. Norwood , NJ.

“As a lifelong coin collector, I am always looking to add attractive coins that are premium for the grade to my collection. Over the past two years, I have had the privilege to deal with Garrett of Antiquity Coin. Whether purchasing a higher end slabbed coin with a CAC designation to be the star of your collection or a raw piece for an album, you can be sure that Garrett is offering an accurately graded, fairly priced coin that you’ll be proud to own. I am one of those collectors who does not concentrate on one particular series and Antiquity Coin’s vast inventory has something to offer for everyone. Garrett is more than willing to work with collectors on their want lists and help them put together the collections of their dreams! I wholeheartedly recommend Antiquity Coin to any numismatist, whether you have $100 to spend or $100,000.”

Derek Y. Carpinteria, CA.

“I inherited a collection of coins from my Father. Growing up he was always collecting and adding to his books. When he retired he got much more serious and invested much more time and capital into coins and paper money. Sadly, he passed away and I was left with the task of selling off his prized collection. I had heard stories of people being taken advantage of when selling items and wasn’t quick to do anything. I got books, watched videos on the internet and I learned as much as I could because I was scared. When we went to Garrett everything I did before hand seemed silly, he explained everything and even found myself enjoying learning from him. As he sat with us he looked for the extra things dealers we went to before him didn’t. He carefully examined coins while others were just fast to add up silver or gold value with no emphasis at looking at dates which I learned could be much more valuable. We ended up selling the collection to Garrett, we were paid right away and happy to report received over TRIPLE the amount of second highest offer that we had gotten previously. It is nice to know that there is still good hearted, honest business people in the world. The extra money went a long way for my Mom. I cant thank Garrett enough for answering all my questions and even sending coins in to be examined and graded for me. He explained that it allowed him to pay even more on coins and bills once he knew the exact conditions. Through the whole process, several phone calls and I am sure hundreds of questions he never once wasn’t patient, didn’t take me serious, or was disrespectful. My worst fear was to of sold Dad’s collection and thinking that I was taken advantage of. Never once because of Garrett’s dedication and excitement for what he does did I then or now ever feel that way. I have since recommended him to several friends and extended family who share in my feelings. Thank You again Garrett, I hope this letter will serve its purpose and help insure others of your ethics.”

June A. Cape Coral, FL