1. Bullion / Bullion Items /Coins seen on this page and their respected premiums; quantities available   are subject to change at any time for any reason without any warning. Prices, premiums, and spot price are for indications only. All trades must be confirmed to be locked in and guaranteed.

2. All payments must be made by Wire, ACH, Check or Certified funds and received or confirmed to be sent within 1 (one) business day of any trade/purchase.  In some situations, other payments options, extensions can be made please contact us for details.

3. A check (including certified) shall not constitute payment until said check has cleared through the standard banking channels. (3-7 business days)

4. Minimum orders on bullion are $750.00 and always sent fully insured, tracked and with a required signature upon delivery.


5. We follow and exceed all Federal, State and Local laws and requirements regarding (but not limited to) buying and selling bullion/coin bullion. Our AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy is non- negotiable and continuously updated as laws / statues change which also includes our company’s internal policy. It is our companies legal and moral obligation to fight all aspects of Money Laundering and prevent it in all possible ways.

6. Our company reserves the right to decline/deny the offer to buy or sell any bullion / bullion coin for any reason. Once our Company confirms a trade/sale it cannot be reversed or changed in anyway by the consumer/seller (you) or Antiquity Coin & Company Inc (trading firm).


7. Once a trade is confirmed and locked in both parties agree to all respected terms and obligations set forth.  Failure to follow terms outlined above/below including additional terms (agreed or changed to before trade is confirmed) must be followed. Failure to follow such terms can and will lead to actions of (but not limited to) loss of account (trading privileges), transmission/details of transaction for bad dealings being shared and made available to other Trading Firms including and not limited to Numismatic/Bullion/Collectible organizations. Our company will also seek through all legal means including civil suite(s) Monterey, Market, profit losses, and legal fees occurred for failure to comply with agreement. In the event of litigation all legal filings must take place in Lee County, Florida and in compliance with Federal, Florida and Local law.

These terms and conditions and contract are agreed to upon trade confirmation. This contract constitutes the entire agreement. 



Thank You,

Antiquity Coin & Company Inc.

“Honesty, Integrity & Knowledge”








Life Time Member Of Florida United Numismatics

Founding Platinum Member & Authorized Dealer OF Round Table #0239
Authorized Certified Coin Exchange Dealer (CCE). Handle: AC3
Authorized CDN Exchange Dealer. Handle: AC&C
Authorized Dealer Of Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC)      


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